Saturday, June 18, 2005


No messages no replies. Noone saying "Hey I saw the sign"

3 hits on google. Its almost a googlewack. The first is this, the second was a forum posting I made, um pointing to this. The third seems to be some type blog posted by a spider that looks at keywords and then makes pages of pages for them.

As they said "Posting to usenet is like screaming at people going by on a rollercoaster."

Monday, June 13, 2005

All passed out

I put the rest of them out in SFO and CVG on the way back home. Part of me had hoped to see more up in CVG or at least a sign of their passing but alas no luck.

Perhaps this entire thing was a pointless exercise.

Perhaps only one person was reached. One would be enough though.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I was stupid

I made some modifications to the sign before I put it up. I realzed the rules bit needed cleaning up.

That wasn't the stupid part.

No I am not in trouble.

I forgot the tape...

I would up stuffing a few in the seat cover thing in the airport.

Did anyone know that CVG's airport has sharps collectors in the bathroom? Big heroin problem there maybe?

I also found a restaurant named after my beloved wife. Actually with the same name. I thought it was cool. No coasters or anything like that to take and I taking a menu would be wrong.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Preparations are in motion

I just made 25 copies that are going to be going up in Cincinnati airport and in San Francisco Airport as well as various fast food locations that I will be frequenting in California.

Nervous as hell, but what's the worst that could happen.

Okay, I guess the TSA could get bitchy, ship me to Gitmo and force me to read the Koran, and then piss on me and it.

There is the off chance that it could be construed as littering or graffiti. Remember though that I am going to be putting it up in a way thats easy to take down.

I am going to make a new version of the poster that can be laminated or secured behind plastic telling people to go to "the front desk" to get their own copy for any business owners who want to put it up.

As for the design and layout, yes I know its ugly. Its intentional. The plan was to make something that would xerographically stable as well as having the look of something that had been xeroxed a dozen times, like the band posters you see stuck up in major cities. They were part of my inspiration.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Poster is Ready

This is the poster that I plan to start putting up inside of public restrooms.

The idea is to have fun, spread the word and hopefully not get anyone in any trouble.

If you want to put up your own copies of it feel free. Don't be destructive and don't be annoying. If someplace tells you not to, don't put one up there again. You can put it back up if they are taken down. People are encouraged to take them either to make copies or for their own use.

If you are affiliated with a church and want to include your address and phone number, by all means as long as your church teaches the bible and subscribes to the tenets of the nicene creed (Don't have to recite it, but it must coincide with your doctrines of faith) If you just go to the church check with your pastor or priest first.



This is a new and experimental way to spread the word of God.
The entire movement will consist of posters taped up inside of bathrooms.

Why Bathrooms?
It came to me in a flash of inspiration as cancer destroyed my body and chemotherapy destroyed what there was of my mind. People are often in the lowest spots of their lives while they are sitting on the crapper. It is there that they sit and suffer in silence. Many people also go there to think. So if people are thinking or people are suffering why not give them something good to think of. Maybe help them reach salvation.