Thursday, June 02, 2005

Poster is Ready

This is the poster that I plan to start putting up inside of public restrooms.

The idea is to have fun, spread the word and hopefully not get anyone in any trouble.

If you want to put up your own copies of it feel free. Don't be destructive and don't be annoying. If someplace tells you not to, don't put one up there again. You can put it back up if they are taken down. People are encouraged to take them either to make copies or for their own use.

If you are affiliated with a church and want to include your address and phone number, by all means as long as your church teaches the bible and subscribes to the tenets of the nicene creed (Don't have to recite it, but it must coincide with your doctrines of faith) If you just go to the church check with your pastor or priest first.



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