Saturday, June 04, 2005

Preparations are in motion

I just made 25 copies that are going to be going up in Cincinnati airport and in San Francisco Airport as well as various fast food locations that I will be frequenting in California.

Nervous as hell, but what's the worst that could happen.

Okay, I guess the TSA could get bitchy, ship me to Gitmo and force me to read the Koran, and then piss on me and it.

There is the off chance that it could be construed as littering or graffiti. Remember though that I am going to be putting it up in a way thats easy to take down.

I am going to make a new version of the poster that can be laminated or secured behind plastic telling people to go to "the front desk" to get their own copy for any business owners who want to put it up.

As for the design and layout, yes I know its ugly. Its intentional. The plan was to make something that would xerographically stable as well as having the look of something that had been xeroxed a dozen times, like the band posters you see stuck up in major cities. They were part of my inspiration.


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